10 reviews for Crew In a Stew

  1. Arthur Wall

    I am 7 1/2 years old and my Aunty Helen gave me this game. It’s really fun and it’s been helping with my times tables a lot! I like that lots of people can join in so I can play with my friends. I love the pictures especially the Captain! My favourite thing to do is get the Jolly Mammoth and Admiral McClaw! I think it’s the best game ever, especially when I win.

    I love that it doesn’t matter if they get a sum wrong and can check them on the chart, learning without realising and no pressure! Jaina (Mum)

  2. Joanne Von Memerty

    Great family fun, it’s become one of our favourite games! The illustrations are brilliant. The game is simple to grasp for all ages and its a bonus that it’s educational! It’s also nice and compact to pop in your bag for a weekend away to kept everyone entertained.

  3. Jayne – Southend

    The children learnt how to play this game very quickly and really enjoyed collecting all the crew.

  4. Sam Smith

    My 8 and 9 year old boys said that this game makes maths fun! The boys loved playing this pirate themed game which makes learning times tables enjoyable rather than a chore. Would recommend this game.

  5. Gary Allen

    Played this game with my 2 Grandsons aged 7 & 9
    Brilliant during current Covid problems
    Great Fun and learning times tables without them even realising it – They loved it ✅✅✅✅✅

  6. Tamsin R. Teignmouth

    This game is soooo much fun. My 7 and 9 year olds love it. We’ve been playing it most days and they never get tired of it. The illustrations are very funny!
    I bought this game because my son is mad about pirates and we wanted to play something as a family, but it also appealed because they struggle with their times tables. It actually works and they quickly memorised the ones they kept forgetting before. Really pleased I’ve found a game that is educational but great fun as well.

  7. Emma Vanstone, Norwich

    My 3 kids love it (oldest is 11) although the 2 younger ones needed a bit of help with getting the hang of the instructions at first. Now that they know what to do they want to play it every day. Nice and compact, we will take it on holiday if we are able to after lockdown.

  8. Kayla, Cornwall

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant! My 8 year old is addicted.
    Love the illustrations and great quality too. It’s a little complicated for my 6 year old (I know it says 8+), but she’s able to join in with a bit of help. It’s definitely helped Theo with his times tables, he remembers ones that kept catching him out before so it really works. Well done Little Profs! More games please..

  9. Cassie H. Milton Keynes

    We love this game. Initially I was worried it might be a bit geeky because it’s for practicing times tables, my kids have really struggled to learn them and don’t particularly like maths. I needn’t have worried, they loved it. Great that they’re learning while having fun.

  10. Sofia N. Birmingham

    My 7 year old loves that there is only one Jolly Mammoth and Admiral McClaw, he whoops when he gets either of them. Totally engaging and fun, even my husband enjoys it and admits it has helped him learn his times tables too!

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